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What We Do For You

Financial Planning

We guide you to think about areas of your financial life that may not have been considered. By putting your goals in writing, we help prioritize your financial opportunities and determine realistic goals –while exploring strategies that may reveal alternate paths. With an understanding of your goals, we can prepare a financial plan and/or assist in the review of your investment policy statement.

Financial planning with us also includes strategies for claiming Social Security, reviewing and recommending life insurance policies, assistance with setting up a company retirement plan, assistance with preparing an estate plan, review of your children's custodial accounts and 529 plans, helping manage your IRA required minimum distributions, guiding you on ways to fund health care in retirement, and much more.


We prepare an in-depth asset allocation for you to work toward following a level of risk tolerance that matches your comfort with risk. We stay up-to-date and actively monitors your investments. We also review investments in 401(k) or 403(b) plans and your existing IRAs.

We provide you with alternatives to managing retirement income, objective investment research, personal investment analysis, technical, fundamental, and quantitative investment analysis, as well as introductions to money managers.

Family Planning

We help you respond to life's surprises. We are knowledgeable and are ready to answer any questions you may have. We help plan for future generations, for your legacy, and facilitate the transfer of investments from individuals to a trust, or from owner to beneficiaries.

We can also identify your savings shortfalls, develop and monitor strategies for debt reduction, and offer a sounding board for your ideas.


We suggest strategies to manage your taxes during retirement and review your tax return, with an eye on possible savings in the future and help to reduce your tax liability. We love to collaborate with your tax/legal advisors to help you work toward your financial goals.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call our office. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.  |  954-385-7812