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We are a Fiduciary to You

Decisions are based on your best interest<br/>

Decisions are based on your best interest

We choose to follow AIF® Global Fiduciary Precepts so our clients know their best interests are always put first.

  1. Know standards and laws. Our actions are based on understanding and abiding with applicable laws and regulations.

  2. Diversify assets to specific risk/return profile. Our individual customization philosophy helps ensure your investments are managed to your unique goals and risk/return objectives.

  3. Prepare investment policy statement. We work with you to define and documents appropriate investment guidelines in your Investment Policy Statement.

  4. Use "prudent experts" (for example, an Investment Manager) and document due diligence. Investments are managed by experts who are highly educated and qualified practitioners of financial analysis and wealth management.

  5. Control and account for investment expenses. We work to ensure investment fees and expenses are clear and communicated to you.

  6. Monitor the activities of "prudent experts". We work collaboratively with investment managers and review their performance with you.

  7. Avoid prohibited transactions and avoid or manage other conflicts of interest in favor of the portfolio. We believe in a culture of compliance and controls to ensure we safeguard your portfolio.

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