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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a financial planner?

You may need a financial planner for any number of reasons, from saving for college to planning for retirement. Financial needs are complex. Sometimes you need a professional to step in.

2. What do you do?

We get to know you. Then we create a timetable. We evaluate your resources. We put it all to a reality test and advise you to make adjustments. We educate you so you can better understand the financial concepts and strategies at work and we monitor your progress. We are there with you, every step of the way.

3. How much does this cost?

The fee for your first consultation (approximately three hours) is $350. During that time, we will talk about financial planning, including debt management and tax strategies, business and retirement, insurance and estate planning, education and family obligations. If we can resolve the issues then and there, great; if we need to do more, the fee is $150 per appointment.

4. Are you a fee-only planner?

We charge fees and we can work on a fee-only basis. Our professionals do maintain securities registrations and insurance licenses, and sometimes it is to a client’s benefit to take an action that is paid by commission. However, we never do anything that generates a commission without securing the approval of the client.

5. What do I bring to the first appointment?

It depends on you — you can bring as much or as little as you want. If you are comfortable with sharing documents during the first session, then we would like to see your previous year’s tax return, most recent pay stub or IRS Form 1099, documents relating to employee retirement plans, pension plan estimates, deferred compensation plan statements, and any investment statements other than employer retirement plans, accounts for children (including paperwork relating to trusts if applicable), individual insurance policy statements and contracts – virtually anything that has a number on it! If you are on Quicken, we would like to see a register report or profit and loss statement or balance sheet.

6. What happens when I don’t need you anymore?

In the event that you do not desire our services any longer, you may stop working with us at your discretion. However, there are many tax code changes every year that affect investment, insurance, estate and income planning. It is difficult to navigate these changes without professional assistance.

7. What is the confidentiality policy at Lifespan?

Confidentiality is the bedrock of our relationships with clients. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is regulatory. We are required to follow strict rules regarding confidentiality The second reason is pragmatic. Without your faith in the confidentiality of our relationship, we are unable to do the work we need to do, and we cannot create a successful relationship.

Our employees have a non-disclosure policy and have access only to those records that they must see. We also have a privacy policy statement that is provided to clients annually and is available on our website. These are our core values, and our solemn pledge to you.

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What We Do For You

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Our Story

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